Selvino, the pearl of the Altipiano.

The Altipiano boasts of myths of ancient paths and the passing of men at arms or men of peace, to tell us how the village of Selvino was born, here are the historians. Around the year 1000, Salvino Grittis fled from Bergamo, shaken by the civil unrest that was taking place there at the time. He reached the Altipiano and established a village that took his name. Over the centuries, the hamlet has grown in population and enjoyed a thriving economy. Since the last century, the inhabitants have known how to embrace the beauty of the area with enterprise and decided their future was in tourism. And that is how the long tradition of hospitality that Selvino projects today was established as one of the best loved locations in the Orobics. For those who like a dynamic holiday, there are highly modern, open air and covered sports facilities on the Altipiano where all of the most popular sports can be enjoyed. The 25 metre swimming pool for the little ones, the sports centre and covered tennis court offer environments which are technically and qualitatively avant-garde. Then there is the open tennis court, a football pitch, another for seven-a-side, bowls and mini-golf. The children can also enjoy the Tubbies ‘doughnut’ slide and for skating enthusiasts there is the summer rink for roller skaters and roller bladers, which is transformed into a mirror of ice for winter skating. So maximum physical activity and entertainment is available at Selvino during every season of the year.

Ski-ing has the honour of a separate story. The history of the Altipiano is closely associated with alpine ski-ing at an extremely high level. It was here that the pioneers of this marvellous sport found the ideal habitat at the start of the 20th century and began their quest for the world championship. With the establishment of its ski club in 1952, Selvino became an inexhaustible source of champions and has given the national team no fewer than 23 athletes over the last half century, among them winners of Olympic gold Paola Magoni, Deborah Compagnoni and Daniela Ceccarelli. The Selvino Ski Club is the village’s pride and joy and has an unequalled role of honour, which has gained it the maximum recognition of the Italian sport’s governing body CONI, with the award of their gold star of merit. The ski school is among the best in Italy for teaching children and in the summer season operates a practice run on grass, which is covered with artificial snow during the winter.

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