A village of 4,445 people in the Province of Bergamo, Pradalunga is in the Val Seriana on the left bank of the River Serio about 14 kilometres from Bergamo itself. It is at the foot of Mount Misma, one of the first offshoots of the Orobic Prealps, from the summit of which one can admire the chain of mountains to which it belongs, as well as the Lombardy plain with glimpses of Emilia’s Appennines, extending longitudinally along the progress of its valley to form a unique residential nucleus with the hamlet of Cornale to the south.

A large number of naturalistic itineraries are available, which range from walks in the area adjacent to the River Serio, where a cycle and pedestrian trail was laid recently, which enhanced areas that had become degraded in recent years. Now various kinds of animals can be found there, including seagulls and grey birds that previously seemed to have disappeared from the zone.

The woods above the residential area notably define the countryside and life of the community, attentive to preserving its naturalistic patrimony. The areas of major interest are Mount Misma, the Forcella hill and the attached Sbardellata Valley, the Furca and the Spersiglio zone, where there is a characteristic farm. From there, one can enter the extensive Pradale area with meadows that form a large natural terrace that overlooks the hilly area of Scanzorosciate and gives a breathtaking view over the valley and the Lombardy plain, despite the limited altitude.

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