Aviatico, a fairy tale village. It was when the Celts passed through the area that the history of Aviatico began, its name meaning wayfarer. Located in a quiet area, the village was tranquil for centuries and from it the hamlets of Ama, Amora and Ganda were founded. The names of the first two are those of refuges built by shepherds; over the centuries, Amaca has become Ama and Dimora changed into Amora. The origin of Ganda – gant in Celtic, meaning landslide – was different, though, as it was founded on the slopes of Cornagera, shattered by an ancient earthquake. Aviatico owes its nickname of the village of fairy tales to its beautiful countryside and its wealth of nature that knows no season. Microclimate, vegetation and the shape of the countryside: an ideal environment for all sorts of open air sport, from the most demanding to the most fun: trekking and walks for families with children; great tracks for mountain biking; a natural ‘gymnasium’ for climbing and for the even more courageous there is hang gliding.

Make sure you visit: – Mount Poieto, which dominates Aviatico and can also be reached by the fun of a cable car. It offers ample space, games for children, a fallow deer reserve and a restaurant with tremendous views.
– The Cornagera comprises canyons and walls, offering great climbing and incredible views that range from the high Bergamascan peaks to the Alps, the valley and on to the Lombardy plain.
– The old nets with decoys to attract birds dot the clearings of the Altipiano, a reminder of times when hunting was a necessity rather than a luxury; today, they are extremely useful observation posts for the study of ornithology.
– The mysteries of the sky: there is an astrological observatory of the Orobic Prealps 1,200 metres up on the slopes of Mount Poieto; it has a powerful telescope that takes the eye 350 million light years into space among the stars at night, and permits the observation of the sun in white light during the day.

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