A population of 580, the village is at an altitude of around 600 metres in the Province of Bergamo, not far from Lake Endine, and is at the foot of Mounts Pler and Croce at the border between the Cavallina and Seriana valleys.

Its centre mostly retains the structure of centuries ago, with the houses built of cobble stones and elements of brick-laying typical of medieval fortification. And it was in medieval times that the residential zone started to develop and take on its current appearance due to the input of the Suardi family, who in those days owned a large part of the Valle Cavallina, a situation that remained unchanged until the arrival of the Republic of Venice. A new epoch began with the Serenissima in which the village was relegated to a minor role in the valley context, because the noble family lost power. There were also periods in which Bianzano lost its administrative autonomy, being added first to Ranzanico at the end of the 18th century and then Monasterolo at the beginning of the 19th.

The municipality was rebuilt with the establishment of the Lombardy-Veneto reign, only to be incorporated with Spinone in 1927. It was not until 11 April 1955 that it was definitively returned to being an independent municipality. As with the neighbouring municipalities, in recent years the village has seen substantial tourist-residential development, mainly concentrated in the area above the centre, not far from Gaverina Terme.

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