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Percorso immerso in una fitta boscaglia con paesaggi meravigliosi

Starting Point: Station parking of Albino.
We are taking the path following the sings for Villa di Serio. Gone trough the cyce track, we will lead to the main street (via Kennedy) so we shall pass through it entirely to turn then off left;via Giovanni Battista Palazzi. Still straight ahead troghvia Caselle, via Mascarelliand then turn off on the left in via Pradelli. Few meters of asphalt road and then a dirt road begins, becoming the hardest climb of the route that passes a series of switchbacks up to a three-way intersection. We will take right up hill, follow thw dirt road that will take us to the Alpini Church. Back doing the entire dirt road down to the intersection three-way passed earlier. At the junction we continue straight all through the dirt road that offers many slight seeing’s but still paying much attention to the next deviation. A few meters before reaching the first houses, the main road continues downhill to the right, we should take to the dirt road on the left that leads to the wood. Passing by some hunting cottages, the cart track becomes a path that deviates left and then reconnects once more to the dirt road we shall follow. we will pass by once more some hunting cotatge until reaching the car road that we will follow in desert down to the town, untill we cross the street via Giovanni Battista Palazzi that we have already covered. At the interscection we will turn right and retrace all the way until our starting point.

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