Villa D’Ogna

This is the first village one encounters after leaving Clusone when travelling towards Valbondione. Attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful little cobbled square with a fountain in the centre of Ogna and the old parish church, today a sanctuary. There is also a parish house which is centuries old, but was re-structured in the 1700s, then modified and embellished in the centuries that followed. The house of Beato Alberto is also worthy of note and is found on the provincial road that leads to the upper Val Seriana at Sant’Alberto.

Today, it is still possible to admire the entrance to a farmstead, which dates back to 1214. The house later became a convent and a sanctuary was built, of which the apse walls can still be seen; the sanctuary was destroyed by a landslide in 1813. In the friars’ refectory now there is a chapel, while the seven old cells on the top floor have been transformed into private dwellings. Villa’s new church was built on a clearing not far from the old in 1937. It is a captivating building with a Latin cross and a unique nave all in hand worked local stone. The small church of S. Lorenzo is also worth visiting, as it has been well preserved and can be found on the road to Nasolino.


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