The oldest building in Piario is in Via Mazzoletti. It has 13th century frescoes which have been partly preserved; some bowls and other utensils that have come to light indicate that it was once a monastery. It is a large building with arches supported by low pillars with small oval windows inserted into them. The Candrietti area has the 14th century house in which Monsignor Speranza was born; he was named Bishop of Bergamo by Pope Pius IX in 1853.

One can also form an idea of a rural house when visiting Piario by making one’s way to the Cadoriano area, where an old house can be seen, in part re-structured with a small courtyard and a barn on the top floor. In the Bruco area one can admire a large stone building with its beautiful windows that suggest how the whole area must have been in times gone by.

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