The Municipality of Oneta is in the upper part of the Valle del Riso, 32 kilometres from Bergamo and covers 18.26 square kilometres or 27,417 Bergamascan perches. It is bordered by Colzate to the south east in correspondence with the hamlet of Chignolo, then following the direction of the stream that runs towards the west in the direction of Mount Alben, there are the municipalities of Vertova, Cornalba, Oltre il Colle, a small outpost of Premolo, and then Gorno, which closes the border of the municipality. The village comprises four main hamlets, which have equal areas closely linked by geographical association to their nearest hamlets. Villa, Scullera, Cantoni and Chignolo with their respective areas of Plazza, Molini, Tezolo and Ortello are the inhabited nuclei, all ancient, which form the municipality of Oneta.

The vast mountainous territory has a narrow valley bottom with high and steep knolls and slopes entirely covered by thick beech, fir, larch, birch and alder woods, which ‘dress’ the whole slope with a beautiful green, softening the roughness. Gradually, from the bottom of the valley the terrain climbs and levels out with flatter sections that open up in the guise of an amphitheatre from which houses and cultivation rises, ending with the peaks of the two mountains: to the north is Grem (2,049 metres), to the south west Mount Alben (2,019) which imposes its massive bulk on the entire valley.

All the inhabited areas are at over 700 metres, and being exposed from morning ‘till noon, surrounded by meadows and woods, offering visitors magnificent walks. The Riso stream flows to the foot of Grem near Cantoni and divide the territory into two almost equal parts, broadening itself with a contribution of other nearby valleys, in particular Val Noseda and Val Piana terminating its course as a right hand tributary of the River Serio. The resultant beneficial waters of the River Riso has for centuries driven a number of mills, a forge and a ‘track’, contributing substantially to the development of the municipality’s economy.

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