Leffe has a population of about 4,880 and is in the Province of Bergamo on the eastern side of the Val Gandino, a turn-off from the Val Seriana and is 22 kilometres from Bergamo city. The village has provided numerous fossil sites, found in the lignite mines in the Fifties that date back to times way before man made his first appearance: the bones of elephas meridionalis, rhinocerous lepthorinus and Bos are now kept in the Bergamo Museum of Natural Science and the natural history museum in Milan.

The village’s many historic buildings are almost a testimony to the level of wealth of the inhabitants even many centuries ago, due to wool production. The most significant are the 16th century Palazzo Pezzoli, the late Renaissance Palazzo Galizzi and Palazzo Mosconi with the domination of the Serenissima. The San Michele parish church is of considerable artistic note; built in the 18th century, it contains works by Andrea Fantoni including his venerable Madonna Addolorata.

Other churches include the Sanctuary of San Rocco in the hamlet of the same name and the church of San Martino, the ex-parish church in which can be found important paintings by Pombioli depicting the glorification of the Madonna, as well as others by A. Carra and Fiorini. The other smaller churches are at Mount Croce that previously belonged to Peia, the Church of S. Antonio at the refuge, the Chapel of Bozzola in the same area, where over 5,000 relics of saints are kept, and the church at the village’s old people’s home.

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