Gandellino is the penultimate town of the upper Valle Seriana and stands on the left bank of the River Serio, at the entrance to the splendid Val Sedornia. With its hamlet of Gromo S. Marino and the districts of Tezzi, Bondo, Foppi, Pietra and Garbiasca, Gandellino is a mini-agricultural centre with other small businesses active in summer tourism. The town is 675 metres above sea level and currently has a population of 1,070.

A study of Gandellino and Gromo S. Marino brought to light a vast rural architectural patrimony, which is intimately associated with the local culture and to which attention is paid to ensure it is safeguarded. The history of the town coincides with that of the Valle Seriana but for a clearer idea of its past, we give below an extract from the 17th century document called “Gandellino: once said to be ‘Beyond the Dragon’”.

“It is a village in the upper Val Seriana in the district and under the guardianship of Clusone, on the left bank of the River Serio just above Gromo S. Giacomo and slightly below Gromo S. Marino; and it has communication with the provincial road that passes along the other bank of the river. In olden days, its municipal area formed a municipality with the first of these two towns on its border; now, it is paired with the latter but when it was a municipality with Gromo S. Giacomo, it enjoyed many prerogatives and dignity.

Gandellino is divided into two districts, Gandellino and Tezzi; but the parish extends beyond those of Gromo S. Giacomo, to hamlets called Bettuno Alto, Bettuno Basso, Riva Superiore and Riva Inferiore. Its territory, with the exception of the small tract along the bed of the River Serio, comprises all the slopes of the large mountain ranges that skirt both banks of the river. It has few rye and wheat fields, the rest chiefly pastures and copses, from which they extract wood and coal… In the area of the Sedornia stream, which flows into the Serio, even today there are the vestiges of a large steel smelting furnace with three forges and a building called a grinder, in which they temper swords for sale”.

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