Castione Della Presolana


This is a Valle Seriana town about 100 kilometres from Milan and 45 from Bergamo. It nestles in the Orobic pre-alps and has extensive territory covering 42 square kilometres, with altitudes ranging from the 780 metres of the Gera stream to 1,297 metres of the Passo della Presolana, then climbing to the 2,521 metres of the Pizzo della Presolana. The villages of Bratto, Dorga, Lantana and Rusio are all part of the Castione municipality.

The town’s geographic position is especially interesting and has been a mecca of both summer and winter tourism since the early 20th century, offering a whole range of attractions to suit all tastes and interests. Castione della Presolana has a rich alpine tradition associated with the mountain from which it takes its name, and more recently the numerous practice walls for the sport of climbing, among which the best known are in the Valle dei Mulini and the Corna Rossa.

Castione’s environmental characteristics are typical of mountain territory and that combines with a dry and healthy climate. The vegetation and fauna typical of a pre-alp zone are extremely varied and the flora also includes many rarities. There is also significant archaeological evidence of the recovery of a number of tombs that date back to the Neo-Eneolithic period, while the churches of the area embody historic and artistic testimonies of considerable value. Also of great importance is the ancient rural architecture, a true minor art, which has repeated for centuries layouts and structures marked by an essential sobriety.

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