Covering an area of 31.32 square kilometres, the village of Albino stretches along both sides of the Seriana valley floor. The ‘capital’, over which rises the outline of the Cornagera, is on the right bank of the River Serio, with Comenduno and Desenzano al Serio to the north. On the same side but in a higher position is Bondo Petello, which expands at the end of the valley of the Albina stream between Mount Rena and Mount Cereto. On the other side of the Valle Seriana runs the Valle del Lujo, through which flows a stream of the same name, its source in the Colle Gallo near the municipality of Gaverina Terme. In that valley, bordered by Mount Misma, are many hamlets, among them in this order Vall’Alta, Fiobbio, Abbazia, Dossello and Casale, almost all of them in the hills.

Albino is easily reached from both the Bergamo city exit and the Orio al Serio International Airport. Since June 2009, the town has been connected with Bergamo by the TEB’s new tram. We advise lovers of transportation vehicles to extend their route with a visit to Selvino, which can be reached from Albino by a cable car that leaves from Piazza Davide Cugini, Bondo Petello.

Also recommended is the use of the Val Seriana pedestrian-bike track, which skirts the banks of the River Serio and provides interesting views of the fluvial environment.

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