Lago Nero (Valgoglio)

The cliff is located in a beautiful alpine setting at 2000 m above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful lakes, adjacent to the Black Lake Hut

The crag is set in a superb alpine environment surronded by beautiful lakes, close to Lago Nero Hut. The low difficulty level makes this place ideal for beginners, climbing schools and for anyone who wants to both go for a superb walk and have fun climbing.


From Bergamo drive through the main road that leads to Seriana Valley up to Valgoglio. Follow the footpath no. 228 that leads to lago Nero and after reaching a hut turn left (path no. 268) and follow the pipe that leads to lago Nero Hut and to the nearby Crag. The climbing consists on different sectors: Barbecue – Bandiera – Sorgente – Cascata

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