Frog Hiking Trail

The hike is extremely satisfying from a naturalistic point of view it allows you to see many and varied blooms of orchids and other flora species

 Not far from Bergamo, the trekking is very rewarding from a naturalistic point of view, in as much, abounding herbaceous vegetation, allows you to see, in different times of the year, numerous and varied flowering Orchids and other floral species. One can reachMonte di Nese (Alzano Lombardo) by car. Starting from the car park behind the main church, the itinerary winds between this village and Canto Basso, running anti-clockwise around Monte Cavallo, and corresponds for some parts to the trail C.A.I. 531 and 533. The route is well indicated with specific signs indicating “Percorso della rana” (“Route of the Frog”).

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