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A wonderful experience thanks to the fantastic landscape surrounding the Mount

From Bergamo drive up the Valle Serianaas far as Nembro, in the centre of which take the turning for Selvino, continue in the direction of Aviatico and having reached the locality of Cantul park your car. Follow viaCornagera and soon after take the path which, after a very steep first part, then goes through a dense wood. The route is indicated with the signs n.537 and after about thirty minutes you find yourself at the foot of a scree slope from where you can see, a little above, the white and calcareous turrets of the Cornagera which are in contrast to the green of the fields. You cross the path 521 and from this point the path has the double number (537-521). You go upwards through picturesque surroundings called “labyrinth” and taking care, follow the signs on the rocks. You can take the path 521 which leads to the top of Cornagera in 15 minutes, or you can remain on the path 537 and go towards the Poieto passing along the very narrow gorge of the “bus de la Carolina”. Having come out of the “labyrinth” you meet the forest road which comes up from Aviatico and after a last climb you arrive at the station of the cable car and the hotel of Aviatico. From here, going south, you arrive at Monte Poieto in a few minutes, on the top of which there is a small chapel. From here there is an extensive panorama of the Orobie Pre-Alps. From here you can return to Cantul on the road with which you came up.

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