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For lovers of sport and adventure the Seriana Valley and Scalve Valley offer a wide choice of activities. These include canyoning, to explore hidden streams nestling among wild, natural vegetation, also archery, paragliding, to admire the wonderful views from the mountain tops, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain bike trails and last but not least excursions along the many cycle paths in the Seriana Valley. A real holiday with a difference! Children can have fun in the adventure parks and taking appropriate safety precautions, they can feel the magic of walking among the trees on Tibetan bridges, swinging or jumping from ropes or simply experiencing the thrill of being suspended in mid-air strapped to a safety harness.

The most important event of the spring season is the mountain bike race called “Valseriana Marathon”. Hundreds of bike lovers make their way along well-laid-out trails in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Orobie Bergamasche.


For nature lovers there are plenty of hiking itineraries with paths through woods, fields and meadows offering splendid views of the countryside. One of the main attractions is the River Serio which with the triple leaps of its waterfalls puts on a spectacular display five times a year from June to October in Valbondione. The river can also be admired further down the valley, with its galaxy of colours, loops, green open spaces and small beaches. The more experienced hiker will find it interesting to explore the ring path of the Orobie Orientali with its 90 km. of high mountain paths that link up seven mountain chalets by means of an eight-stage itinerary leading up to the highest peaks of the Orobie Bergamasche, amongst which is the queen of them all: the Presolana. Families with children will find all sorts of itineraries that can be adapted to their needs and will greatly enjoy all the green open spaces.

A triple leap with a difference in height of 315m., a vigorous jet of water cascading into the valley and a breathtaking view. These are the features of the Serio waterfalls, the highest in Italy and second-highest in Europe. In summer, the “Paths of Music” event accompany the spectacular view of the waterfalls by offering live background music.


Thanks to its 5 ski resorts, the Seriana and Scalve Valleys are the ideal place for lovers of snow and winter sports. 100 km. of ski slopes at all different altitudes (from 1.200m to 2.200m) offer a wide range of tourist activities. Families can choose bob runs or ski courses for children and adult beginners. Entertainment is provided by speciallytrained staff in the mountain chalets. For the more experienced skier, there are activities such as ski mountaineering, ice-climbing or hiking on snowshoes.

Each year, on 31st January in Ardesio, there is an important, well-consolidated tradition called “Scasada de Zenerù”. It’s a ritual that symbolizes driving out the cold winter weather and bad season and is performed by making earsplitting noises using cow bells, tin cans and rattles of all sizes. A procession winds its way through the town behind a giant puppet which is then set on fire.

Art and culture

Medieval villages, among them Clusone and Gromo, both of which have been awarded the prestigious Orange flag by the Italian Tourist Club, 15th and 16th century frescoes decorating imposing basilicas and small sanctuaries, paintings by famous artists and fine examples of industrial design and architecture: many are the different cultural attractions that embellish the Seriana and Scalve Valleys: little jewel-cases that are often hidden from view. The Mus.E.O. circuit offers a rich choice of museums: not only museums of religion and art but also those dedicated to science, nature, traditional manufacturing such as wrought iron and coti stones, and those of the mining industry and ethnography.

NOT TO BE MISSED The Planetarium Clock in Piazza dell’Orologio in Clusone is an engineering and artistic work of art by Pietro Fanzago. Built in 1583, it is still perfectly functional and is wound up manually every day. Gromo is one of Italy’s most attractive medieval villages and was awarded an Orange flag by the Italian Touring Club in 2008. Nestling among the mountains in the Upper Seriana Valley it is a real jewel of a village thanks to its combination of art, history and nature.


Food and wine in the Seriana and Scalve Valleys are a real culinary experience thanks to their productive activities and local traditions. Local cheeses, pasta, salame, honey, jams and bakery products are renowned for their distinctive flavours, high quality of ingredients used and strict observance of traditional recipes. In the restaurants, inns, mountain chalets and farmhouses, the choice of appetizing food is vast and varied.





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