Ski mountaineering and snowshoeing – Baite del Moschel

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To admire the crown of some of the most beautiful limestone mountains of Bergamo

Starting from the village of Valzurio, the itinerary takes place first in the thick pine forest, to flow, to an altitude of 1200 m. s.l.m, on the wide pastures of Moschel, where the valley opens up and shows a harsh, wild surroundings, especially in the upper part.

From here you can admire the crown of some of the most beautiful limestone mountains of Bergamo, including the Presolana.

For should achieve Valzurio you must take the road of Valseriana up to Villa d’Ogna. Here take the detour to Oltressenda

High and reach Nasolino (746 m. S.l.m.), after which the road, closer and with a slightly downhill stretch, leading to the Valzurio village (813 m. S.l.m.). In case of excessive snow we recommend archeggiare to Nasolino; if you reach Valzurio, park your car in the square before the church. Worn snowshoes, you walk

along the road with hairpin turns and good slope, along the Valzurio: the right stream flows Ogna.

Ignoring some trails that are encountered along the way, it continues to rise, alternating stretches of uphill stretches more sweet and flat, now immersed in forests of beech and fir trees, now more open glades.

The road was built to the activities of barite mining, the last closed in the fifties of last century, located in the head of the valley. After about an hour and a half walk, you exit the forest and enters the basin where the huts of Möschel (1268m s.l.m.) from which you can admire the different peaks of the Bergamo: Pizzo della Presolana are located,

Monte Ferrante, Cima Timogno and Mount Avert.

The huts of Möschel you can, in about an hour, up the valley

up to Baita Low Pagherola (1504 m. s.l.m.), following the trail of the trail that becomes more pending, in a rich forest of fir trees above give way to larches. The descent is to be performed along the ascent route.

Vertical drop: 452 m

Journey time: 1h30 ‘/ 2h

Recommended period: from December to March

Difficulty: Easy


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