Presolana – Donico

| Alta Valseriana | Winter

The “ski gym” of Bergamo, a paradise for children.

One of the most classic and beautiful winter resorts in the province with gentle slopes for those who are beginners, treadmill and track teaching. It ‘also the first Lombard center for teaching the handicapped. Easily accessible, at the foot of the Presolana, is an amusement park outside even in summer: bob on wheels, archery, downhill, bike mini-park and easy-bikes!

Slopes details Slopes: 9 (4 easy – 5 medium) Km of slopes: 11 ski school area with treadmill

Active services in summer: Summer Bob Track (May to October) Field of practice shooting with the bow Bike Park for children Tubbies track Easy bikes Walking and trekking Mountain Board

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