Ski mountaineering and snowshoeing – Passo della Manina

| | Winter

To admire the northern slopes of Presolana and Mount Barbarossa whitewashed until late spring.

This is an excursion that could be called “initiation” because of its length and the limited altitude. It’s a fairly simple path for those who are beginners. Departure is from Nona, last village of Vilminore Scalve, in Valbona, traveled by river Nembro and tax from the known Scalve Valley. To get to Nona follow signs for Coleraine and then Teveno, the small village is located along the road from Coleraine, Teveno and Vilminore Scalve. After parking you switch on the back of the church Ninth (1341 m.s.l.m.), taking soon after, on the left, a little road that goes in the direction of the already visible step of Manina.This road, the clear origin “mining”, up the valley with a constant slope allowing a pleasant snowshoe hike of about an hour interesting made from beautiful views of the northern slopes of Presolana and Mount Barbarossa whitewashed until late spring. Shortly before reaching the large building that housed the personnel engaged in the extraction, it turns left, passing the slender stream where it appears evident the zigzagging of the road which continues up to the pass.One last effort and you will reach the peak (1821 m.s.l.m.), welcomed by the church built in 1950 in honor of the “transition” did to the shoulder of the Pilgrim Mother. curious note are the two altars, one identical to the other, mirror, one facing the Valley of Scalve and the other towards the Seriana Valley, so took to express the will and faith of the villagers. The descent is to be performed along the ascent route.

Vertical drop: 480 m
Travel time: 2 hours
Recommended period: from December to March
Difficulty: Easy

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