Ski-alp in Val Seriana

| Alta Valseriana | Winter

Along unbeaten tracks, with seal skins under the skis, snowshoes or by cutting the fresh and immaculate snow. Therein lies the beauty: discover hidden places, away from mass tourism. The Presolana, Monte Grem, the Campelli for ski touring, the Passo del Branchino, Mount Farno for snowshoeing are some of the best routes in the two valleys offer. The resorts have reserved paths, even at night, for these sports enthusiasts, also with open shelters in the evening.

Recommended routes close to the ski slopes: 1. Spiazzi Gromo: 2 totally dedicated routes and Tuesday-Thursday evenings with shelter Vodala open until 22.00. For information: – 0346.47079 2. Lizzola: 2 totally dedicated routes and shelters are open one evening a week until 22.30. For information: – 0346.44090 3. Monte Pora: 1 route from Location Vareno. For information: – 0346.65000 4. Colere: 1 route that leads to Rifugio Albani from Loc. Carbonera. For information: – 0346.54192 Other routes for ski mountaineering and snowshoeing Ski touring and snowshoeing to Baite del Möschel Ski touring and snowshoeing at the Pass of Manina Ski touring and snowshoeing to Pizzo Formic Ski touring and snowshoeing at Passo Campelli Ski touring and snowshoeing in Passo Branchino Ski touring and snowshoeing at Baita high of Agnone Ski touring and snowshoeing in the Monte Grem

WARNING! The ski-mountaineers and snowshoe trails are tracked in uncontrolled areas and avalanche risk. For those who have no experience recommend to be accompanied by a mountain guide (Alberto: 333.1352435 – Diego: 338.5840088 – School Alpine Guides Orobiche: 344.2320443) to practice these safe routes. Also please consult the bulletin ALWAYS dell’A.R.P.A avalanches. and evaluate the output only in the presence of low risk PROMOSERIO NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS AND / OR ACCIDENT HAPPENED TO HIKERS ALONG THE PATHS.

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