Artistic Masterpieces in ValSeriana e Val di Scalve

The churches and palaces of ValSeriana hosts works of art of invaluable religous value. In Alzano Lombardo the Basilica di San Martino preserves the Martirio di San Pietro d Verona by Palma il Vecchio (1526). Not so far from the modern village of Alzano, there is the village of Olera, whose Chiesa di San Bartolomeo hosts the polyptych of Cima da Conegliano. At Chiesa di San Bartolomeo of Albino, another wooden polyptych of Pietro Bussolo, with all-round sculptures, painted and inserted in a big golden frame. Among the richest village in number of works of art, Clusone is surly worth a mention with the big anthologic fresco of Trionfo della morte and the Danza Macabra in the complex of Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, artistic treasure chest. San Michele Arcangelo in Colarete is instead interesting, small bulding for mountain worship. Not so far, in Gromo San Marino, there is the parish church with diffrent frescos, among them the Teoria degli apostoli, work of Giacomo Borlone (XV sec.). In the parish church of Rovetta, the precious signature of Tiepolo on the altarpiece Gloria di Ognissanti (1735); finally there is the cappella dell’Annunciata in Cerete, with its walls completly decorated with frescos.

In ValSeriana, a proof of neoclassical sculpture is not missed, given by the famous sculpture Giovan Maria Benzoni. In Songavazzo, the village of his birth, the Addolorata is preserved, work of 1871 located in the Benzoni Family’s tomb, in the entry of the cemetery.

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