Misma Mount

The territory includes a rich ecosystem where there are chestnuts and mushrooms, but also of animals such as red foxes, dormice, hedgehogs, dormice

From Bergamo drive along the main road of the Val Seriana as far as Albino, near the romantic bridge over the river Serio, from where you can take the via Monte Cura. Having taken the via Monte Cura, walk along the path that, with a constant slope, goes up to the place which is in memory of the Beata Morosini, today a place of pilgrimage, going through a thick wood of old, abandoned Horse Chestnut trees. Then you pass above the locality Cedrina and, among copses of woods and patches of fields, you reach the locality Fonteno. From the vast mountain pastures of Fonteno an extensive panorama opens up over the valley of Luio. Continue along the dirt road through a copse towards the Cascina della Corna, nearby which can be seen black marl rich in fossils from theRhaetian age, and from here you can reach the ridge, where you join up with the trail 513. You must take the trail 513 and, at the junction for Corna Clima (842m), this trail begins. Continue always overlapping the trail 513 as far as the locality Costa Misma, passing on the northern edge of the Regional Nature Reserve of Valpredina to reach the church of Santa Maria di Misma (824m), which is worth a visit. In this area a lot of trails converge ( coming mainly from the Val Cavallina) and here the climb up to the summit of Monte Misma begins. The path climbs steeply through the wood for about 1 km and emerges on the ridge ofMonte Misma. It continues then on the level along the ridge for a few hundred metres and ends at the summit, where there is a big cross (1,161m).

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