Giovetto di Paline

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A walk into an area that was established nature reserve “Woods Giovetto as biotope aims at safeguarding the” red ant “

A walk in the area in which the natural reserve “ Woods of Giovetto” has been established as a habitat with the aim of protecting the “Rufa ants”, an excellent occasion to learn about the nature and fauna of the area. From Bergamo drive along the main road of the ValSeriana as far as thePasso della Presolana, then drive down towards the Val di Scalve and follow the signs for Schilpario/Azzone. When you reach Azzone, the hike begins from the main square of the town. Go past the church and continue beyond the sports ground along an easy cart track, among fields that, in spring, are coloured by a splendid display of flowers. The road continues level for about a kilometer, as far as the “Segheria” (Rasega), at the foot of the so-called “Paghera” one of the most beautiful fir forests of the Valley. Soon after you reach a junction, on the left a mule track leads to the hay barns of the Some and to Monte Negrino; continuing on the right, the road crosses the Val Giognaand enters the Reserve crossing it diagonally as far as the Giovetto marking the perimeter for quite a distance. Having passed the crossroads with a road, which going down on the right leads to the village of Dosso, the route opens up inside a splendid forest of silver fir. The road now becomes  somewhat easy and comes out into a beautiful clearing of pastureland; this is the locality “Giuadel” where it is possible to stop and use the facilities before reaching the Giovetto di Paline which is only a few hundreds of metres distant (1,275m).

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