Ristorante Pizzeria Steak-house – Il Casolare

The restaurant pizzeria Il casolare is a small but very welcoming and rustic building. It is situated on the main road of Castione della Presolana.

The restaurant offers local sliced meats such as lardo, venison, local salamis and polenta. The sliced meats can be served on flat, soft bread with a thin base, sprinkled with rosemary and baked in a wood fired oven. It is the ideal place for meat lovers because here they can taste different type of quality meat.

The pizzeria offers 43 different types of pizza and a special bear-shaped one for children!

Servizi ristorante

  • N. coperti estate: 140
  • N. coperti inverno: 120
  • Banchetti e cerimonie
  • Cucina: Menù speciali personalizzati, Menù vegetariani su richiesta
  • Serate a tema: 1
  • Catering asporto
  • Prezzi cena: 20€
  • Prezzi pranzo: 10€
  • Giorni di chusura: Lunedì



12.00-14.30 e 18.30-24.00


  • via Rucola, 8,
  • 0346.36510

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